Pet Assure – A-Derm 50 Softgels


A-Derm Fish Oil

Helps to maintain the health of your pet and promotes a healthy skin and coat. It provides Omega-3s’EPA and DHA that can helps anti-inflammation for the skin and joint also controls itchiness, flaky skin and secondary eczemas condition due to itch rashes. It also supports healthy joints, heart and blood vessels and managing dull coat and reducing hair shedding.

Pre cautions:

May have thinning effect on blood and not suitable for pet with certain condition. Consult your veterinarian advice if required.

Each soft gels contains guaranteed to yield the following Omega-3 acids

-Fish Oils(Anchovies)  1000mg

-EPA                               180mg

-DHA                                120mg

-D-alpha (Vitamin E)    30-iu

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Directions for use:

< 5kg – 1 softgel daily

5 – 10kg – 2 softgels daily

10 – 20kg – 3 softgels daily

20kg – 2 softgels twice daily

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