Pet Heritage – Topical Skin Healer 10g


Oriental Flower Therapy Topical Skin Healer for Dogs & Cats


Topical Skin Healer

Shows potential for promoting wound healing and it’s good for recovery rate with minimal scar tissue formation. These herbs are carefully selected and blended to achieve optimal synergy between them. It harnesses the natural healing property of each of these herbs and enhances their effect with its unique formulation.

vets recommendation

breeders preferred choice

-fast and effective relief

-100% natural

-reducing inflammation, redness and swelling

-providing analgesia to relieve irritation, itch and pain

-enhancing immunity and promoting wound healing

-having antiseptic property prevent skin contamination or infection


An effective multi-purpose powder that can be used for minor first-aid use in dogs and cats.


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Does your pet have an inflammation that’s hard to cure?

Try topical skin healer. This product only has herbs and no preservatives to heal your dearest pet naturally. It can also serve as an analgesic or an antiseptic for your pet’s wounds, burns, scratches and other things that pain it. Topical skin healer is also said to be effective for animals’ skin diseases such as eczema and seborrheic dermatitis, among other. Apply a thin layer two to three times daily on your pet and it will be nursed back to normal in no time.

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